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Participating in model rocketry is more that just a lot of fun. It is a proven educational activity that leads to a very bright future for the children in your life. Every day, we get personal stories from engineers and scientists telling us how their experience in rocketry led to their careers.

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Tim's latest kit, the Stratus Gale Rocket Glider is finally available!

New Products!
Aerotech 38mm HP SU Motor - H550T-14A

Buy Now

NOTE: Aerotech has issued an advisory regarding the thrust rings on these motors. Please read the linked PDF on further securing the thrust ring on the motor as  they may come loose during firing.   AeroTech DMSĀ Motor Thrust Ring Advisory
36" Nylon Parachute

Buy Now

When do you need a nylon-cloth parachute? When you want extra durability in your rocket. Sometimes the thin plastic parachutes can lose a shroud line, or tear during high-speed openings. A rip-stop nylon chute, like this one, gives you more protection....
Stratus Gale

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The Stratus Gale is a rocket glider kit that it goes up as a rocket, and comes down as a one piece glider. With this kit we've included a detailed instructional DVD alongside the laser cut parts to aid in the assembly of this more...
JST LiPo Battery Connector with Wires

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This little connector allows you to quickly hook up a LiPo battery to an altimeter that does not have a battery socket. It makes swapping and recharging batteries quick and convenient.
18mm Styrofoam Ejection Plug

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These ejection plugs seal the body tube better than tissue-paper wadding, so they provide a more positive ejection of the recovery device from the rocket! Fits 18mm (BT-20) size body tubes.
13mm Styrofoam Ejection Plug

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These ejection plugs seal the body tube better than tissue-paper wadding, so they provide a more positive ejection of the recovery device from the rocket! Fits 13mm (BT-5) size body tubes.

Latest Model Rocket "How-To" Video
Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 11

Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 11

This short video shows the installation of the final fin onto the engine mount assembly, and the application of the glue fillets. This makes a very strong assembly.
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