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Participating in model rocketry is more that just a lot of fun. It is a proven educational activity that leads to a very bright future for the children in your life. Every day, we get personal stories from engineers and scientists telling us how their experience in rocketry led to their careers.

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New Products!
Motor Tape Strips

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Motor Tape Strips are used on minimum diameter rockets to hold the motor into the rocket. They conform to the tube better than masking tape, and therefore are more aerodynamic and fit better into a piston launcher. 
60" Nylon Parachute

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A great light-weight octagonal parachute for those rockets that need durability and affordability, but can't afford the weight. Made from rip-stop nylon with polyester shroud lines.
Rocket Scientist Window Decal

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This cool white vinyl window decal let's people know your I.Q.: "As a matter of fact, I am a rocket scientist!" Put is on the back of your automobile and let the world know your passion for rocketry.
Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo Bulk Team Pack

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A 10-pack of our popular AltimeterTwo for schools, rocket clubs, summer camps, and other groups. Measures how high  AND  how fast your model rocket flew. Plus, you get 8 other vital flight statistics with this durable altimeter and...
Tracking Powder - Burst of Orange

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Tracking powder is used to help you spot your rocket in the sky. The powder is released when the parachute is pushed out of the rocket, creating a large and colorful cloud in the sky. It is a cheap way to help you get your rocket back.
Coupler Bulkhead Disk 5.5" Blue-tube

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This plywood bulkhead is designed to fit inside of the Blue Tube 5.5 inch couplers. You can purchase two to create a payload bay. Comes with 1/4" steel eyebolt, nut, and two washers.

Latest Model Rocket "How-To" Video
Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 8

Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 8

Star Lift Assembly - All the wood parts at this point have been assembled, and we'll now sand them smooth to get rid of the rough edges so that they slide easily over each other. After they are sanded, you'll apply the second coat of wood stain.
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