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Body Tubes

Here at Apogee Components, we offer these types of tubes:

Low Power - Paper Thin-wall
This is the same type of tube you'd find in a standard Estes rocket kit. It is lightweight kraft paper that is very inexpensive. All these tubes have thin wall thickness to keep the weight low. The outer wrap is a white paper to make it easy to mark with a pencil

High Power - Paper Thick-wall from LOC
These are also made from kraft paper, but they are bigger in diameter for those big high power projects. Standard LOC sizes are available.

Blue Tube
Blue Tube is used for high powered rockets where durability is more important to the builder. This is made from a vulcanized paper to give it very good strength, but it is not brittle at all. The wall thickness of the tubes is thicker too, so the tubing is much heavier than ordinary kraft paper.

These are the strongest tubes that we carry. They are also very easy to paint, because they don't have any spirals in them that must be filled. The downside is that they are the most expensive tubes too.

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