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Motor Mount Kits & Adapters


Motor Mounts concentrically hold the rocket engine in your model. They will typically be glued into your rocket, and are not removable once in place. You would use these to make new rockets, to make upgrades to existing rocket kits, or to repair damaged rockets.

Motor Mount Adapters are both removable and resuable motor mounts. They allow you to put a smaller motor into a big rocket, so that it won't fly as high. This is ideal for rockets flying from small fields where there is a chance the rocket could get lost if it drifted too far. 

Low & Mid Power Motor Mount Kits:

In this category, you'll find engine mounts that will fit upto a 24mm motor (Estes D12) size and are used in rockets under 2 inches in diameter. They will be glued into your rocket, and are not removable once in place. 


Mid & High Power Motor Mount Kits

This category of Motor Mount Kits is typically for rockets that use 24mm diameter motors or larger. 


Motor Mount Adapter Kits

These particular adapters are made from paper tubes and require assembly. They are less expensive than the "Ready-to-Use Motor Adapters" so they will help you save money on your next project.


Ready-to-use Motor Adapters

These adapters are pre-made, and fit in motor mounts that have some type of motor retainer already installed. They are a little more expensive, but they cut down on prep time when you want to launch in a hurry.

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