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Rocketry For Educators

Apogee Education LogoThe purpose of this web page is to provide useful information about using model rockets in classrooms. Our goal is to give you pages on information that contain tips on teaching with rocketry, background technical information about model rockets, and things like: projects with model rockets, payloads, special educational rocket kits, how rockets work, safety guidelines, other link lists dealing with rocketry, organizations that support rocketry education, or working with large groups of kids.


Rocketry for Educators (Information Links)
Apogee Rocketry Reservoir

FREE reservoir of rocketry resources


  • 60 pages of Handouts, Drawings, and Rocket Quizzes.
  • 40 Pages of Teacher References, that includes teaching ideas, and reference links to sites with greater in depth topical information.
In this document, you'll find a stockpile of resources that you can use in your rocketry unit
at school. There are great things like overhead transparency images, handouts, award certificates, coloring pages, and quizzes that you can print out and give to your students.
Pick and choose what works for you; the overhead transparencies will also work great in powerpoint presentations!

Teaching tips and curriculum This page will give you ideas on how to use rockets in your classroom, as well as a lot of links to other web sites that also contain information on rocketry education.

How to Start A School Rocketry Program - The feature article in this e-zine newsletter will tell you how to get started teaching rocketry, and what things are involved. (400K PDF)

Want to learn about rocketry from the experts? Check out all of the great articles in the Peak of Flight index.


Basic background information on model rockets


Technical information about model rockets


Other useful education resources


If you've never built and flown a model rocket before, check out the Apprentice Starter Set

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