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Reports flight data up to 100,000 feet!

PerfectFlite APRA Altimeter

Price: $32.05

PN: 09107
Manufactured by: PerfectFlite

Product Specs:

Size: 2.75"L x 0.55"W x 0.62"H
         (69.9mm X 14mm X 15.7mm)
Altitude Report: Always beeps out last flight.
Accuracy: ± 0.05% typical
Launch Detect: 100' AGL
Operating Temperature: -40° to 85°C
                                         (-40º to 185ºF)
Weight (w/ Battery): 0.56 oz (15.9g)
Altitude Limit: 100,000 feet (30,480m) MSL
Battery: Built-in 3.7V LiPo battery
Operating Voltage: 12V (A23) nominal (4V - 16V)
Operating Current: 1.5 ma typical
Warranty: 3 years against manufacturing defects from PerfectFlite.

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This altmeter has a high-sample rate from its barometer and simultaneous analysis, eliminating the need for a Mach Delay setting. No data is able to be downloaded to your computer.

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