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Record flight data and eject two parachutes up to 100,000 feet!

PerfectFlite StratoLogger Altimeter CF

Price: $58.80

PN: 09104
Manufactured by: PerfectFlite

Product Specs:

Size: 2.0" long X 0.84" wide " X .5" tall
         (50.8mm X 21.336mm X 12.7mm)
Altitude Report: Always beeps out last flight. It won't beep out previous flights if more than one is logged. You'll need to download those previous flights via the data transfer kit.
Memory: Stores 16 flights (over 18 minutes of data for each flight at 20 samples per second)
Accuracy: ±0.1% reading
Launch Detect: 160 feet AGL
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
                                         (-40ºF to 185ºF)
Weight (w/o Battery): 10.77 grams (0.38oz)
Altitude Limit: 100,000 feet (30,480m) MSL
Battery: 4v to 16v (9v terminal included)
Operating Voltage: 9V nominal (4V - 16V)
Operating Current: 1.5 ma typical
Firing Current: 10A max (supplied by battery)
Event 1 Output: Apogee
Event 2 Output: Selectable 100-9999 feet AGL
Warranty: 3 years against manufacturing defects from PerfectFlite.

Estimated Stock Date: 05/27/2015

Price: $58.80      Sold Out

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Note: This is the updated CF version. This data-recording (up to 16 flights) altimeter is used to deploy two parachutes out of the rocket. One at apogee (a small one), and another when the rocket is closer to the ground (a BIG parachute).

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Frequently Asked Questions about the PerfectFlite StratoLogger Altimeter CF

Q: Is this altimeter approved for use in the TARC competition?
A: No. Not yet, at least (as of May, 2010). It is something we'd like, but it has to go through a formal approval process to be certified for the TARC competition. See the official web site of TARC to find out if it has been approved for use. Please ask them to approve it, don't ask us -- we're doing our part already. But in the mean time, it makes a great practice altimeter for your first test flights.

How Altmeters WorkQ: How Do Altimeters Work?
A: The barometric altimeter measures the air pressure surrounding the rocket. Air pressure near the ground is greater than air pressure high in the air (remember, air pressure decreases with altitude, until you reach the vacuum of space, where there is no air pressure). What the unit does is to compare the pressure it senses during flight, to the air pressure on the ground. Using a simple formula, it automatically computes the altitude difference that caused the change in pressure.

How Altimeters Work - A Tutorial
How accurate are altimeters? Which is the best one? These are common questions that are hard to answer, because of the randomness of the atmosphere. This video explains what that means and how it relates to the accuracy of electronic altimeters.

For More Information: See our Peak-Of-Flight Newsletters. Issue #240, Issue #242, and Issue #257

Q: Do you sell any type of ejection charges that could be used with the device on this page?
A: No. The ejection charge is always made from loose black powder. Because black powder is regulated by the government, you have to purchase it from a gun store (one that specializes in muzzle-loading supplies). You also need to be at least 18 years old to use loose black powder in this manner.

Q: Does it matter what elevation the launch field is?
A: The altimeter samples the air on the ground, so it knows the altitude of the ground level. So when you set it to deploy the main chute at 500 feet, it will know that is above ground level. It doesn't matter where you start.

Learn to build the biggest rockets, and get HPR certified.Q: How easy is it to set up dual-deployment?
A: To be honest, it is not a beginner-level operation. For starters, you have to design your rocket with two separate parachute compartments. This is detailed extensively in the book Modern High Power Rocketry 2. We highly recommend this book if you are new to large rocket or dual deployment techniques.

Q: How Does This Recording Payload Work?
A: This PerfectFlite altimeter payload works by sensing and recording the altitude and interpreting the velocity of the rocket. It records the altitude as such that you can download the data to your computer after the flight and see exactly what went on with altitude, temperature and battery voltage - acceleration and velocity are derived using the downloadable software. The amount of data recorded in an altimeter of this price range is phenomenal - you won't need another! Besides being able to download the data, the altimeter also beeps out the peak altitude and other data points so you can write it down on the fly when you don't have your computer with you.

Q: How does it detect a launch?
A: While the unit is in stand-by mode, it is constantly monitoring the outside air pressure. As soon as the air pressure starts to drop, it figures something is happening. It starts recording information, but will discard it until it senses a pressure difference that equals 160 feet in altitude gain. If the pressure drops this amount, it considers a "true launch," so it stores all the information it has recorded.

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