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6G Case for Cesaroni 54mm motors

Cesaroni 54mm 6-Grain Case

Price: $105.93

PN: 71035
Manufactured by: Cesaroni

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Price: $105.93      Add to Cart:

Six-Grain Case for the Cesaroni Pro-54 motor system.
NOTE: Aft closure not included.

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Product Statistics
Product P/N Length Weight
Cesaroni 54mm 6-Grain Case 71035 22.14"

Comparison - 54mm Certification Casings
Product P/N Length Weight Price
Cesaroni 54mm 1-Grain Case 71030 5.6"
Cesaroni 54mm 2-Grain Case 71031 8.9"
Cesaroni 54mm 3-Grain Case 71032 12.21"
Cesaroni 54mm 4-Grain Case 71033 15.52"
Cesaroni 54mm 5-Grain Case 71034 18.83"
Cesaroni 54mm 6-Grain Case 71035 22.14"
Cesaroni 54mm 6XL-Grain Case 71036 25.14"

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cesaroni 54mm 6-Grain Case

Q: Why don't you ship rocket motors to countries outside the USA?
A: There are too many shipping regulations. We're a small company, and we don't have the manpower to track the regulations for each country in the world. So to keep our prices as low as possible, we only ship to USA customers.

Q: Can you ship this item to me by this weekend?
A: All motors (including kits that contain rocket motors) must be shipped by surface transportation (truck). While we usually ship this item the same day the order comes in, you should plan extra time for the postal service to deliver them via third class mail (Parcel Select).

To expedite your order, you can request that the order be split, and the motors ship separately from the rest. This will incur a fee of $6 for standard motor shipping (not hazmat) to cover the additional cost of two shipments.

Q: How is maximum lift-off weight determined?
A: The maximum recommended lift-off weight for each delay depends on the size of the rocket, its drag coefficient, launch angle, and the wind conditions at launch. We recommend running a RockSim computer simulation for each rocket design and launch conditions to select the proper motor delay. For help selecting the correct delay time, see Apogee Technical Publication #28. For additional information on maximum lift-off weight, see our FREE newsletter article on this subject. Click here to download Issue #214.

Q: Can I reload a single-use motor with the reloadable propellant grains?
A: No. During the "burn," the inside of a single-use case is severely charred and eaten away. The nozzle also erodes and changes shape. Should you try to reload the case, it will burst open and could cause you harm. This is why the NAR safety code prohibits modelers from doing this dangerous activity.

Q: Can I make my own reload propellant (such as black-powder) and put it into the metal reload casing?
A: No. Black powder is classified as an explosive. The metal reload case is not designed to hold explosives like black powder. It will burst open in an uncontrolled manner. This is highly dangerous!

Q: Is the rocket fuel (propellant grains) interchangeable between motor casings?
A: No. Each type of propellant grain is made to be loaded in a specific metal case. The reason is that the grains are different geometries (some have holes, some have slots) and are different sizes. They each burn differently which affect how much thrust they create. Additionally, the grains must be matched to the correct rocket nozzle so they create the proper amount of pressure inside the metal case. Too much pressure and the case will burst the aft bulkhead. Too little pressure and the motor will not make enough thrust to lift the rocket safely into the air. In other words, there is no such thing as a "generic" reload case.

Q: My rocket has a motor mount tube and retainer to hold the motor in the rocket. Do I really need a casing and closures too?
A: Yes. The casing is what holds the propellant together in a proper manner, so that it will burn and eject correctly.

The motor mount tube and retainer hold the whole motor casing/propellant set inside the kit, so that it doesn't fall out of the rocket. You need both parts in order to fly the rocket successfully.

Q: Why are motors like the G339 and F120 called High Power?
A: High power motors are motors that are "H" or above, or have an average thrust over 80 N/s. If the number after the letter (ie. 339 or 120) is over 80, it is considered high-power.

In addition, any Sparky motor (Skidmark or MetalStorm) requires Level 1 certification to purchase, because of the possible fire danger of the falling sparks.

Q: I had a motor CATO with my Cesaroni motor, and I would like to submit a warranty claim. What do I need to do?
A: Cesaroni needs the following information for all claims:
Date Code (printed on cardboard packaging of propellant kit):
Date of Purchase:
Any observations during flight:
Condition of hardware:
Photos need to be submitted as well.

Once we receive this information, we submit the claim to Cesaroni. They will evaluate the claim to determine if the cause was due to motor malfunction or user error. If the claim is approved, a replacement propellant kit and casing (if destroyed) will be sent with our next Cesaroni shipment (every few months). Once we receive the replacement item(s), we will contact you regarding shipping options.

Cesaroni does not replace damaged kits or parts. There is always a risk of motor malfunction in rocketry, so please keep that in mind when flying motors.

NOTE: Apogee cannot answer "why did this happen" questions. We are not pyro-technicians nor chemists, and so do not know why a motor may have failed. Only Cesaroni can determine (or make an educated guess) why a motor may have failed.

Q: Using spacers, what casings can I buy to get the largest number of motors for the fewest number of casings?
A: You are allowed to use up to 2 spacers in the casings. So the best option is to purchase the 6G and 3G cases, and use 2 spacers. That will give you the ability to fly 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 grain motors. The only case you will not have is the 6XL case.

And guess what? Cesaroni makes a 38 and 54mm starter set that contains the 3G and 6G cases, 2 spacers, Pro-Dat Tools, and in the case of the 54mm, the aft closure. So you get almost the full range of motors, and at a discount!

See the Starter Sets at:

38mm (click here)
54mm (click here)

Q: Why are certain motors marked 18+?
A: Any motor that has to be assembled or is considered High Power has to be purchased by an adult. This includes reload and loadable motors, which can go as low as "E" size.

With any reload motor, there is a danger if the motor is not assembled correctly, and so government requires the purchaser to be 18 years of age or older to purchase the motors.

Learn how to select rocket motorsQ: I need help selecting motors. What should I do? Can you teach me how to select them myself?
A: Watch this YouTube video - How to Select Model Rocket Engines

We encourage you to learn the proper motor selection technique. Please watch our YouTube video that will walk you step-by-step through the process

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