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38mm Forward Seal Disk

Price: $12.84

PN: 60101
Manufactured by: AeroTech

Product Specs:

Color may vary. 

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Price: $12.84      Add to Cart:

Use only on the longer casings: RMS 38/480 and larger.

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Product Statistics
Product P/N Length Fits Part
38mm Forward Seal Disk 60101 -- --

Comparison - 38mm Closures
Product P/N Length Price
38mm Forward Seal Disk 60101 -- $12.84
38mm Forward Plugged Closure 60130 -- $40.66
38mm Forward Open Closure 60132 -- $40.66
38mm Aft Closure 60139 -- $40.66
38mm Forward Open Closure w/ Threaded Anchor Point 60133 -- $26.74
38mm Endburn-Style Forward Closure Plugged/Threaded 60134 -- $42.80
38mm Forward Closure for EZ reloads 60135 -- $25.65
RMS-38/120 Casing 60020 3.25"
RMS-38/240 Casing 60021 5.125"
RMS-38/360 Casing 60022 7"
RMS-38/480 Casing w/Forward Seal Disk 60023 8.875"
RMS-38/600 Casing w/Forward Seal Disk 60024 10.75"
RMS-38/720 Casing w/Forward Seal Disk 60025 12.625"
RMS-38/1080 Casing w/Forward Seal Disk 60026 18.25"

Frequently Asked Questions about the 38mm Forward Seal Disk

Q: Why don't you ship rocket motors to countries outside the USA?
A: There are too many shipping regulations. We're a small company, and we don't have the manpower to track the regulations for each country in the world. So to keep our prices as low as possible, we only ship to USA customers.

Q: My rocket has a motor mount tube and retainer to hold the motor in the rocket. Do I really need a casing and closures too?
A: Yes. The casing is what holds the propellant together in a proper manner, so that it will burn and eject correctly.

The motor mount tube and retainer hold the whole motor casing/propellant set inside the kit, so that it doesn't fall out of the rocket. You need both parts in order to fly the rocket successfully.

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