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Science Fair Projects

On this page, you'll find links to other sites that have information about science fair projects that can be accomplished using model rockets.


Science Fair Projects (Information Links)

69 Simple Science Fair Projects with Model Rockets: Aeronautics A book with lots of excellent rocketry projects.

http://www.ipl.org/youth/projectguide/ Guide to creating a good science fair project. Nothing on rockets, but it gives good basics.

R&D Projects - These may give you ideas for science fair projects of your own.

What project doesn't work - The most common science fair project tries to find the best fin shape that yields the highest altitude. This project is useless, and doesn't yield any valuable data. Find out why in this little report.


Wayback Machine

If you find any dead links, don't give up. Try using the Wayback Machine! It will allow you to read the text of old web sites that may not be active any longer. http://www.archive.org

To use the WayBack Machine, you may need to cut and past the URL into the web site. Please be patient, as the Wayback Machine can be slow...

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