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Discount Coupon

It has come to our attention that some of the web sites that joined our affiliate program are advertising discount coupon codes for the products sold on the ApogeeRockets.com web site. Unfortunately, we have not authorized any coupons to be given away by other web sites. So when they say "steep discounts", and offer you coupon codes, you are being taken as a fool by them.

This practice where other web sites enticing people like you with the promise of a coupon code for a discount really makes us angry. Why? Because they are in effect making you and our other customers extremely disappointed. I'd be disappointed and hurt too to find out that the coupon code being offered are not real. So you'd probably take it out on us as the vendor and make your purchases somewhere else.
Those web sites are dragging our name and reputation in the mud, and we're losing customers because of it. We hate for that to happen...
If this is your first time dealing with Apogee Rockets and you are looking for a discount coupon code and came to this page expecting to see one, please be aware that we don't participate in traditional coupon programs. But...
We do offer discount codes!
The discount codes are given after you place your first order. On the invoice we send to you in the package with the merchandise, you'll see the special discount coupon code.  If you're unsure of whether a code is valid or not, please enter it into the look-up box at the bottom of the page.
Is that fair to you? It sounds strange to give only current customers a coupon code. But we do that for a reason -- to benefit you!
How does it benefit you as a first time visitor to the Apogee Components web site? That is a great question. I'll try to answer that for you. Please follow our thought process...
Apogee Components is a small company, but we have a big heart when it comes to our customers. We believe in going the extra mile and providing super-exceptional service to our paying customers. However, that extra value and service is costly for us. Anyone that has ever told you that good customer service doesn't hardly cost a company any money is lying to you (or they haven't ever owned a business). Good customer service is very expensive, because we have to provide extensive training and institute a multitude of procedures to make sure that our customers are treated the best. I also spend a fortune to get the latest technology so that we can process customer requests faster than any other company. You can see more about our philosophy.
Why do we spend so much on customers that buy from us? Because we want them to come back. Our profit (which we need to stay in business) does not come from first-time customers, it comes from repeat customers. So the first time you order from us, we will probably will lose money on the transaction. A discount coupon code will only make that loss larger. You can stay in business very long if you lose money, can you?
The point is, not everyone that comes to the ApogeeRockets.com web site will be a repeat customer. We want them to be. But there is too much uncertainty. Because of that, we can only take a chance on those people that see our value by seeing how much information that we make available for free; and then actually ordering from us. At that point we'll spend a lot of money and effort on them to get that second, third, and 20th order.
We do have a coupon code for you after you place your first order. And we do have a free gift for you to try to get that first order. It is part of our Frequent Flyer program.
You will be happy to do business with Apogee Components. We guarantee it!
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