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Participating in model rocketry is more that just a lot of fun. It is a proven educational activity that leads to a very bright future for the children in your life. Every day, we get personal stories from engineers and scientists telling us how their experience in rocketry led to their careers.

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New Products!
Jolly Logic Altimeter Three

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The AltimeterThree is a recording altimeter that sends all the flight information to your smartphone after the flight. It records both speed and altitude measurements throughout the flight, from liftoff to landing. The data can be then shared to your...
Bounty Hunter

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Reminiscent of the old Estes Heatseeker kit (also designed by Matt Steele), the Bounty Hunter represents a future air-to-air missile. The design is capable of flying to altitudes of over 2,000 feet on an Aerotech G80 motor.

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This 1:37 scale model of North Korea's Satellite launcher is impressive in size. Based on a 2.6 inch diameter tube, you'll love the size of this rocket. Feature balsa nose cones and transitions, so it builds just like a small model rocket.

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The SAFIR is a 1/37th scale rocket of Iran's satellite launch vehicle. Iran was the 9th nation to orbit a satellite around the earth. This simple rocket is a great addition to your scale model fleet.

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This 1/27th scale model of the SHAHAB-3 is similar to the old SCUD missile. This model rocket kit is simple to build, and flies great on 24mm diameter motors.
Dong Feng-11A

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This is a 1/19th scale model of China's short range ballistic missile. It uses an odd size body tube, but it is still easy to build. 

Latest Model Rocket "How-To" Video
Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 3

Building the Star Lift Mega Lander - Part 3

This short video shows how to paint on the wood stain on all the plywood parts. It can be kind of messy, so wear gloves and cover the table with a big sheet of plastic.
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