Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Special Offer - Christmas Window-Cling Decorations

Christmas Decorative Window Clings

We created some special rocketry-related removable window clings to brighten up your holiday decorations. It includes two sheets of pre-cut holiday shapes, like Santa's sleigh pulled by a rocket, an astronaut's helmet with a santa hat, ornaments decorated with rockets, and a stocking filled with rockets!

You'll get these Christmas Window Clings for free when you place an order greater than $30 at the Apogee Components web site between Wednesday, November 25th and 12 midnight on Monday, November 30.

All you have to do is apply this coupon code to your shopping cart at check-out: ChristmasCling2015

Nothing extra to do... We'll add the Christmas window clings to your shipment. Hurry! Supplies are limited. Limit one per order. Not valid with other coupon offers. Exclusive to Apogee Components! Retail value: $5.00

Your Model Rocket Success Is Our Mission

Child Holding a Large Model Rocket

Model rockets are more than just toys or just an educational and rewarding hobby. Model rocketry is the first step to outer space. We truly believe that, because Apogee Components has been in business and helping rocketeers achieve success for more than 25 years (since 1987). We’ve seen how rocketeers have gone on to shape the future of space exploration.

Apogee Components is dedicated to helping you achieve your model rocketry goals and taking you as far as you want to explore. Whether it be your first rocket launch, a student science fair project, or a certification launch in order for you to fly those large high power rocket motors, we’re here to help.

We are the new leaders in the model rocket industry because take the time to listen to you and to help you with your projects. We are more than just a one-stop shop for supplies like kits, rocket engines, and construction materials. You’ve arrived at the best location for how-to information on model rocketry. As you explore this web site, you’ll see how much effort we’ve put into giving you the rocketry information you seek. From our detailed product descriptions, over 200 different how-to YouTube videos, and our bi-weekly newsletter, you’ll quickly become the rocketry expert that everyone looks up to.

If you don’t know where to start, please give us a call or an email. And if you need something in a hurry, we’re the fastest at getting model rocketry supplies shipped. In fact, that’s our guarantee to you: we’ll pay half of the shipping fees if we don’t meet our shipping deadline for your order.

Where to start your rocketry journey? You can use the quick-start rocketry guides in the column on the right, or you can enter our store using the drop-down menu above. We’ve have nearly everything you need to be successful in rocketry!

Model Rocket FAQ #1

Model Rocket Engine Motor Mount Parts

What is the difference in the motor mount of a low-power versus a high power rocket?

The difference that is most readily visible is that the high power rocket has fewer parts in the motor mount. The photo here shows the parts that are typical in the motor mount of a low-power model rocket kit. The parts that are not typically used in the high power rocket are the metal engine hook, and the small ring that goes inside the tube (called the engine block).

On a high power rocket, the rocket motor itself has a built-in engine block near the nozzle end. This prevents the rocket motor from sliding too far into the motor mount’s tube. And to keep it from sliding rearward, a “motor retainer” is bonded on the back of the tube.

For more information, check out our Retainer How-to page.

Latest Model Rocket "How-To" Video

Introduction to the MissileWorks RRC3 Dual-Deployment Altimeter
In this video, you'll get a preview of the MissileWorks Rocket Recovery Controller 3 altimeter. Not only is it a dual-deployment altimeter, but it has an extra output channel to let you use it for staging at the same time.

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Model rocket newsletter: Peak-of-Flight
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