Parachute Swivels For Mid- and High-Power Rockets

#200 Ball Bearing Swivel

  • Part Number (PN): 14510
  • Qty per pack: 1
  • Weight: 3 g (0.11 oz)
  • Outer Diameter: 0.375" (0.95 cm)
  • Manufactured by: Apogee
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Keep your parachute suspension lines from twisting up with these high-strength barrel swivels. For rockets up to 10lb

Features of the Ball Bearing Swivels

Swivels, like the fishing-line variety, are commonly used on small rockets to reduce the amount of twisting in the lines of parachutes. But most people don't know that high-strength barrel swivels are available for larger rockets too. Better still, these swivels have ball-bearings in them, so they spin much easier than the small ones you may be used to using. That means your lines will stay straight and the parachute canopy will be fully inflated during the entire descent of the rocket. Because of that, the rocket will land slower and softly on the ground and reduce the chances of it getting dinged up on landing. Won't that save you some money in repair costs?

The other thing about these swivels is that the rings on the ends are welded closed. That way they won't pry open like a key ring when they parachute opens and the weight of the rocket is transmitted through the swivel. This gives you the confidence that the rocket will come down in one unit, rather than separating like those cheap starter rockets from other companies.

If you're the type of person that loves a successful launch from lift-off to touchdown, and you enjoy when things go as planned, then these parachute swivels will give you confidence that your launch will be the hit of the day.

Features Include:

  • Highly polished stainless steel ball-bearings
  • Welded stainless steel rings


Frequently Asked Questions about Swivels


Q. How can I quickly swap the barrel swivel and parachute between rockets?

A. We recommend attaching the parachute directly to one end of the barrel swivel, and the other end with a quick-link. The quick-link can then be attached to the shock cord, or to the base of the nose cone.

Parachute Swivel Attachment Parachute Swivel with Quick-Link

Note: Parachute, shock cord, and quick-link are not included with the barrel swivel. Shown to explain how the swivel might be used.

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Comparison - Swivels
Product P/N O.D. Weight Capacity. Price Buy Now!
#200 Ball Bearing Swivel 14510 0.375"
Rated at 200lbs pull - Rockets up to 10lbs
#300 Ball Bearing Swivel 14511 0.438"
Rated at 300lbs pull - Rockets up to 15lbs
#500 Ball Bearing Swivel 14512 0.75"
Rated at 500lbs pull - Rockets up to 25lbs
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