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Jolly Logic AltimeterOne 09138

How high did that rocket fly? Using the AltimeterOne is the easiest way to find out. Just latch it on the bottom of the nose cone, and launch it. The.

Jolly Logic AltimeterTwo 09135

Measures how high AND how fast your model rocket flew. Plus, you get 8 other vital flight statistics with this durable altimeter and accelerometer....

Jolly Logic Altimeter Three 09159

The AltimeterThree is a recording altimeter that sends all the flight information to your smartphone after the flight. It records both speed and...

Perfectflite Firefly Altimeter 09101

The PerfectFlite Firefly is an inexpensive altimeter that records how high and how fast your rocket flew. With the optional Field Data Display...

PerfectFlite APRA Altimeter 09107

This altmeter has a high-sample rate from its barometer and simultaneous analysis, eliminating the need for a Mach Delay setting. No data is able to..

PerfectFlite Pnut Altimeter 09106

This altimeter eliminates the need for a Mach Delay setting. Up to 31 flights worth of data - altitude (speed & acceleration are derived), temp,..

MicroPeak Altimeter 09150

This tiny data-logging altimeter was designed specifically for the modelers that compete in international rocketry competitions (FAI). It easily fits.

MicroSplash Altimeter 09153

A Water Rocket version of the MicroPeak Altimeter. NOTE - This altimeter is NOT water resistant. If it gets wet, it may not work.

PerfectFlite StratoLogger Altimeter CF 09104

Note: This is the updated CF version. This data-recording (up to 16 flights) altimeter is used to deploy two parachutes out of the rocket. One at...

Entacore AIM 3 Altimeter 09139

This is a dual-deployment altimeter and it also records altitude & velocity. Flight data is downloadable to your computer, so you can see the...


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