Multi-Stage and Clustered Model Rockets

Multi-stage and Clusters (Information Links)

How Multi-Stage Model Rockets work - A free article from the Apogee e-zine newsletter.

Staging Electronics for composite propellant motors.

Electronic Staging of Composite Propellant Rocket Engines - From the FREE Apogee E-zine newsletter. Tells the different options that are available when trying to ignite the upper stage using onboard electrical systems. Includes links to other web sites where additional information can be found. Download size approximately 638K.

How to select rocket engines - a step-by-step guide. Click Here

How To Design Tumble Recovery Booster Stages - This article talks about how to arrange the parts so the stage will begin tumbling on its own. Apogee E-zine newsletter #96.

How To Design Tumble Recovery Booster Stages - Part 2 - This article shows you how to determine the rate of descent of the booster stage. It is particularly useful when up scaling old kits into larger high-powered rockets. Apogee E-zine newsletter #97.

In-line vs Interdigitated fins - which is better for multi-stage rockets? Should your fins on the different stages line-up, or should they be staggered? This article explains which way to configure your two-stage rockets. Apogee E-zine newsletter #97.

Optimum Mass - Squeezing Out Every Inch Of Altitude. - This article talks about using the delayed staging technique to get higher altitudes out of multi-stage model rockets. Apogee E-zine newsletter #84.

Motor Retention techniques for mid-power model rockets. You do not need an engine hook to hold the motor in the model. Read this article to find out the cheap alternative.

Tips for staging rockets.

More of the old Centuri Corp. technical reports: TIR-123 Staging, TIR-24 Lifting Bodies.



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Parallel staging model rockets. Shows hardware you'll need to pull off this complex staging method. Construction article of a hpr two stage rocket (high school level). Library - Tips for igniting motors, including staging composites, clusters, and other high-tech methods. Text only.

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