Mid-power Rockets

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2X4 07134

This is a two-stage rocket kit that you won't see anywhere else. It has square sides instead of being round. When seeing your rocket for the...

Aerobee-Hi 07262

A big mid-power rocket that is also a 1/6th-scale model of a real sounding rocket. It can be flown as either a single stage, or as a 2-stage rocket...

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Arachnid 07738

A hairy, scary bargain bonanza of goodness.

Arachnid Payload 07714

The easy-to-build (Skill Level 2) Arachnid Payload model rocket features a big payload bay which makes it great for science projects. It also sports..

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Big Dog 07032

This mid-size rocket kit is for the fearless person that has the confidence to move up from small rockets to something a bit bigger. It has a 29mm...

Black Brant II - 2.6" 07264

This big, 2.63 inch diameter mid-power rocket will turn heads at your next launch because of the stunning paint pattern and large size. Uses 29mm...

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Black Brant VC 07261

Semi-Scale model of the Black Brant VC rocket. This is a beautiful rendition of the famous sounding rocket built in Canada. Uses 29mm motors and can..

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Blue Phenix Jr. 07551

Built like a tank using the durable Blue Tube material, plywood fins, and through the wall fin tabs. This 38mm diameter rocket uses standard 29mm...

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Bomarc Interceptor Missile 07246

Here is a large semi-scale version of the aerial interceptor rocket that defended American and Canadian skies in the 1960's. This 2.6 inch...

Bucky Jones 07572

  The BIG version of the famous space ship from the Sci-Fi serials of the 1950's. The Bucky Jones is a cool design that will excite your...

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