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Saturn V - 1/70th Scale

  • Part Number (PN): 05026
  • Skill Level 5: Extremely Challenging
  • Length: 62.20" (157.99 cm)
  • Weight: 17.00 oz (481.94 g)
  • Diameter (Max): 5.60" (14.22 cm)
  • Fin Count: 8
  • Motor Size: 29mm
  • Recovery System: Two nylon-cloth parachutes - 58 inches, and 36 inches.
  • Launch Pad Type: Mid Power
  • Manufactured by: Apogee
  • Product Specs:
  • Packaging Note: This kit ships with the kit packaging as the shipping box. If you prefer the Saturn V to ship in a larger box to prevent the kit box from being marked and labelled, please let us know when you check out. Additional shipping fees will likely be required to cover the larger box size.

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Museum Quality replica of the rocket that took man to the moon. Standing 5 feet tall, this will be the flagship of your fleet because of how great it looks.

The Huge Size of The Saturn V Will Inspire Awe, Whether On Display, Or Roaring Forcefully Into the Sky

Museum Quality model!

The Saturn V rocket may be gone — but it will never be forgotten. After all, it was the only rocket used to put men on the surface of the moon.

The 1/70th scale Apogee Saturn V is the largest kit version in the world that doesn't require a special waiver to launch. It stands well over 62 inches tall and 5.6 inches diameter. Erect it on your desk and it will nearly touch the ceiling. People coming into the room will have no choice but to look "up." It is the similar situation when looking at the real moon rocket, which stood 363 feet in the sky. It's big, and you gotta look up at it.

There is so much surface detail on the rocket, you can count the number of stringers (on the corrugated sections) and compare it to the real vehicle. You'll be able to immediately tell that this was a model build for scale enthusiasts like you. It will mesmerize you for hours on end as you slowly inspect every square centimeter of its surface. It will ignite your imagination as you dream about what it must have been like to have been an engineer working on it, or an astronaut to ride it into space.

When you are finished building the model, you will have a huge sense of accomplishment and a can-do attitude to tackle other complex rockets. If you can build this one, you can build any rocket kit!

The Apogee Saturn V is more than just space memorabilia. When you look at this new rocket, you'll be awe struck by its size, and commanding presence. Your eyes will be glued to it, like it has cast some sort of hypnotic trance on you. It demands your attention, like a Marine Drill Sergeant barking in your face.

We mean it when we say "museum quality." These models of the Saturn V and the Saturn 1B (built by Tim Doll), are on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Other museums have displayed our Saturn V model too.

Launch of the Saturn VUpon seeing it, you'll relive the glory days of the space program, and the pride that swells up due to the achievement of man walking on the moon. You'll feel like you were an integral part of the launch team.

While being a Skill Level 5 kit, this rocket will not be difficult for you to build. The instructions are detailed, and easy to follow. Instead of a printed manual with complicated text and fuzzy illustrations, these instructions are video clips that you watch.

You just slip the instruction DVDs into your computer and turn the electronic pages with your mouse. Each page has a short movie that explains what is done in each assembly step, as well as how to perform the technique. Everyone that has watched the videos has commented that these are the best kit instructions ever made for a model rocket.

By following the techniques in the video instructions, your completed model will be a flawless work of art. People will marvel at the way you have the tube so smooth, and the paint applied with such crisp edges.

And besides building a museum-quality display model, your rocket can be launched in the sky! Yes, it was really designed to be blasted off into space.

See a promotional video that we had made to debut the arrival of this fantastic new kit. (100K). Click Here

It's fun to build too!

This project started in late 2000, and took 1-1/2 years to complete. It has taken us that long to make sure that you'll receive the best-quality Saturn V rocket ever created. Click here to see how this kit progressed during the development phase of the project.

Here's some more information why you should buy this kit right now...

This kit is totally new from the tip of the escape tower down to the base of the plastic display nozzles. It includes:

  • Incredible DetailHighly detailed injection-molded plastic nose cone and escape tower
  • Injection molded RCS nozzles for the Service Module
  • Injection molded F1 Display nozzles that are removable when you are ready to launch your rocket.
  • Embossed paper wraps for the upper transition piece between the third stage and Service Module.
  • 6-color water transfer decals (with special decals for 12 Saturn V's that rocketed into space.
  • High quality paper tubes that were sized to exactly 1/70th scale.
  • 7 highly detailed plastic corrugated wraps - that include all the small tunnel covers pre-molded. So assembly is quicker.
  • Extra sturdy die-cut centering rings along with a 29mm motor mount that fits your favorite high power rocket motors.
  • 2 large nylon parachutes (58" and 36" diameter) so your rocket descends slowly to the ground to be launched again and again!
  • Molded plastic fins that are removable when you transport your rocket to and from the launch site.
  • Urethane resin details for the booster interstage section
  • Eye-poppingly detailed embossed wrap for the transition of the 2nd stage to the Service Module
  • Special "raised ink" wrap for the Service Module portion to bring out the raised panel lines on the rocket, and to aid in masking off the different color patterns.
  • Injection molded Reaction Control System (RCS) nozzles on the Service Module.
  • Four hours of video instruction. These not only show where to place the parts, but how-to put them together correctly. This gives a high quality fit and lightweight rocket.
  • 12 pages of painting instructions and drawings show the colors on the rocket.
  • Kevlar® shock cords
  • 1/4 inch launch lugs
  • RockSim design file so you can pick which motors you'd like to fly, and to determine how well the rocket will perform with those motors.
  • This is a rocket kit that was truly engineered -- not simply whipped together and tossed into a box. Like all the Apogee rocket kits, it was designed by a real engineer using true aeronautical principles. It is strong enough to fly on big high-power rocket motors, but is still light weight. In fact, when prepped for flight, this rocket is only 2-1/2 lbs, so you do not need a FAA waiver to launch it! It flies great on an Aerotech G80-4 rocket motor - which you can purchase at your local hobby store. No high power certification or special rocket motors are required.

This kit does not contain an engine hook, so you'll need to have a bit of extra skill when securing the engine for flight. Please see our education page for more information on holding motors in big rockets.

Another option (not necessarily required) is that you can order the Aero Pack Engine Retainers. These are useful on rockets that use the 29mm diameter reloadable motors and really give the model a professional appearance. And yes, they can be installed on existing rocket kits like this one.

Actual Customer Comment:

I was a bit skeptical about the video instructions at first but after viewing a couple of segments, I am a convert. They do remove any doubt on how to properly build the kit as you have stated. I love the attention to detail the kit has." -- Vic Duniec

"I want to state publicly how pleased -- no, *thrilled* -- I am with the Saturn V kit. The level of detail is outstanding, the fit of parts is beautiful, and (my opinion) it isn't really as hard to build as some might think, thanks to a highly detailed and very clear set of video instructions." -- Terry "P'rfesser" McCreary 


Joe's Saturn VHey Tim,

I finally got around to getting a pic of me with my Saturn V. I finished it last winter, and it's been displayed in my office at work all this time. It's too precious to launch.

I recently moved offices so had the chance to bring it home. Here it is with me in the backyard.

I'm currently working on the Saturn 1B. I'm pretty tied up, so I probably won't have it finished for a while.

But thanks again for the great kits. I'm so glad I got the Saturn V before it went out of production. I feel like I have a collectors item!

-- Joe Mastroianni

Here is what is going to happen when you are ready to launch it...

You'll beam with pride!

First, the anticipation of the launch will be so thick, you will almost be able to cut it with a knife. You will feel a bit of anxiety along with the thud-thud-thud of your heart pounding hard inside your chest. This is the big moment. Everything has led up to this. The weather is perfect. Not too hot, and only a whiff of a breeze.

You erect the vehicle on the launch pad. The sunlight gleams off it, and it is almost too bright to look at. While you hook up the starter, from behind you hear the clicking of cameras taking numerous photos of the rocket. When your preparations are complete, you are asked to stand next to the rocket to have your photograph taken too. A big smile cracks across your face, because deep inside you know that people are envious of your masterpiece.

A calm silence falls over the crowd as the countdown begins. As it proceeds to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, the spectators start shouting along with the countdown. At zero, you hear the thunderous grumbling of the motor as it comes up to full power.

Click, click, click go the cameras once again.

As the mighty rocket inches upward off the pad in clouds of billowing smoke, the brilliantly colored flame will make you squint your eyes. The smoke begins to blow toward you, and you smell the pungent aroma of the exhaust. By now the motor is making an ear-shattering roar, and the rocket is gaining immense speed as it rises perfectly straight into the crisp blue sky.

The wide column of smoke makes the rocket easy to track, and when the motor cuts off, you can hear the crowd whooping and howling. You should have charged them money to see this, you think to yourself.

The rocket begins to slow down about now, and is coasting effortlessly into the stratosphere. Just when it hits apogee, you see it split into two sections. A half-second later, as it starts to descend, the two big parachutes fully blossom open. One on the main part of the rocket, and the second on the forward section.

You feel a sense of unrestrained joyful emotions. You try hard to look calm, but deep inside you are brimming with pride.

"Yippee!" yells the crowd. They gradually make their way toward you as the rocket slowly descends. As you watch it drift down, you feel the hands slapping on your back and you hear the attaboys from your friends.

As the rocket sections finally touch down on the soft green grass, you feel a calm sense of awe. It was a great flight, and something you'll be proud of for a long, long time. You say to yourself, "that has got to be the next best thing to having watched a real moon-rocket lift off into space." But this was "MY" accomplishment.

If you've never experienced something like this, then you have to buy this rocket kit right now. Why wait? Click the "Add to Cart" button this very second.


Take home the Saturn V rocket, and inspect its contents. View the assembly instruction videos. If you're not fully satisfied for any reason, or if it isn't the finest rocket kit you've ever seen, simply return it to us in unbuilt and unused condition and you'll get a full refund, no questions asked. On top of that, keep the instruction DVDs (a $39.95 value by itself) as our free gift.

I want you to experience the pride and the thrill that owning this rocket kit will give to you. It will be the flagship of your fleet, and the envy of your friends.

As a busy modeler, you know that sometimes (Okay, a lot of time) it is difficult to find the time to build rocket kits. That is why I want you to order right now. When you view the instructional videos, you'll learn a lot of new ways to build rockets quicker. You'll somehow find yourself with more time. And building this rocket will go fast, and it will be the biggest pleasure you've had all month.

In my opinion, you can't possibly know the exhilaration that owning your own Apogee Saturn V kit can bring to your life unless you experience it. Click the order button right now. And if you don't think this is the finest rocket kit ever made, send it back for a full refund, but keep the $39.95 instructional DVDs as my free gift to you.

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Watch a Customer's Launch Video

This is a video submitted to us by Christopher Johnson. 

Recommeded 29mm Engines for the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale

Use the chart below to help determine which motor to use for this kit.

Estimated Altitude Predictions generated using RockSim

Not All Data Shown. Expand your browser or select options above.
Motor Manuf & Type/ Casing Color Comment Alt. Delay* Price Buy Now!
Black Max
Very low altitude and the delay is too long
Restricted: 18+
366 ft
(112 m)
See Motor
White Lightning
Highest flight. Nice white flame!
Restricted: 18+
485 ft
(148 m)
See Motor
Single Use
Red Line
Nice flight with red flame.
Restricted: 18+
436 ft
(133 m)
See Motor
Mojave Green
Green flame isn't realistic, but the flight is nice.
Restricted: 18+
472 ft
(144 m)
See Motor
Single Use
Red Line
Reloadable motor. Bright red flame.
Restricted: 18+
411 ft
(125 m)
See Motor
Red Line
Single-use loadable motor. Good First Flight. Bright red flame.
Restricted: 18+
411 ft
(125 m)
See Motor
Single Use
Mojave Green
Calm wind only.
Restricted: 18+
445 ft
(136 m)
See Motor
Single Use
White Lightning
Reloadable motor (29/120 casing.) Don't forget to buy the casing.
Restricted: 18+
430 ft
(131 m)
See Motor
White Lightning
Single-use loadable motor. Best first flight motor. Realistic flame.
Restricted: 18+
430 ft
(131 m)
See Motor
Blue Thunder
High lift-off speed.
Restricted: 18+ | L1*
329 ft
(100 m)
See Motor

Delay* given is recommended for calm wind conditions. Please double check with your RockSim file.
Set delays using the Aerotech Delay Drilling Tool or the Cesaroni PRO-DAT Tool.

If you are purchasing an age- or certification-restricted motor, please email or fax us a copy of your ID, or NAR or TRA membership card as soon as possible so we can get your order shipped promptly. We will keep not of your status on file, so you only have to do this once. If you are not certified, please see our information page for additional details on membership and high power certification.


18+ - You must be at least 18yrs of age to purchase ths motor.

L1* - This motor is classified as "High Power" and due to the propellant type or propellant amount, requires a Level 1 certification via the NAR or TRA to purchase. This motor cannot be used for an L1 attempt.

Rocket motors are sold separately from the kit. For more help in selecting rocket motors, see our video tutorial. If you're unsure, start with the "First Flight" recommendation or the one with the lowest altitude, then go up from there.

For other motors that are not tested or not listed here, download the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale RockSim file and load it to see if it will work in this rocket kit. See also Technical Publication #28 for guidance on selecting appropriate rocket engines other than those listed in this chart.

RockSim File

Saturn V - 1/70th Scale RockSim File To see how the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale looks and performs with each motor configuration, download the FREE RockSim design file.

This file can be opened with the FREE demo version of RockSim. Both Windows and Macintosh versions are available.

What is a RockSim Design file?

The RockSim software gives you a lot of information about the flight characteristics of this rocket: how high, how fast, where it will land, how will it react to wind, etc. The "design file" is intended to save you time. All the parameters (size, shape, weight, fin design, etc.) of this rocket have already been entered into the RockSim program, and saved as an electronic database file. You can just open it up in your copy of RockSim and start loading different rocket motors to run launch simulations. It's fun and educational to see the rocket zoom skyward, even before you built it. For more information about RockSim and to download a FREE 30-day demo version, click here.

Tools needed to assemble the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale
Basic Construction Tools:
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Hobby Knife - X-Acto with #11 Blade
  • Adhesives - Wood Glue or White Glue
  • Finishing Supplies like sanding sealer, paint and sandpaper (200 and 400 grit).
To Launch This Rocket Kit, You'll Also Need
  • Launch Pad & Controller - See FAQs tab for recommended choices.
  • Recovery Wadding - Disposable | Reusable
  • Rocket Motors - See the motor selection tab.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale
Estes Mid-Power Launch PadThis rocket is just made for this great looking pad. Don't you agree?
Q:What launch pad should I use to launch this rocket kit?
A: Since this is a larger rocket, you'll need very stable launch pad. We offer the Aerotech Mantis Launch Pad and the Estes Pro Series II Launch Pad.

Click here to order the GO-BOX controller.Interlock Launch Controller
Q:What launch controller can I use to ignite the motors?
A: We offer two different controllers that can be used for mid and high-power size rockets. The Aerotech Interlock and the Pratt Hobbies GO-BOX Controller.

Q:Are there any changes you'd recommend when building the Apogee Saturn V to fly it on H motors?
A: I know a lot of people like to build high-power rockets that are bullet-proof. I prefer lightweight. The Saturn V is designed as a lightweight rocket. So if you are a person that likes bullet-proof rockets, you'll probably want to do a LOT of modifications.

I personally don't really have any suggestions for you, as I said, I like them lightweight and I don't go around looking for ways to make them heavier.

However, others have tried it. See Newsletter #284 for one way to modify the kit to fly on high power motors.

Q:Can I cluster motors in this rocket?
A: It is possible, as there is a whole lot of room inside the model. However, the parts are not included to make a cluster motor mount.

Q:Does this rocket contain the internal decoration like a real Saturn V? I want to use it as a display model to show others how the Saturn V worked.
A: No. This is intended as a real flying rocket. So inside, you'll find that it only contains those items necessary for a safe flight, like parachutes.

Q:Does this model fly as a three stage rocket like the real Saturn V?
A: No. It only has the first stage. If you want to modify it -- good luck. We do not have any recommendations on this type of major modification.

Q:Does the rocket have thick-walled tubes like LOC, or wimpy tubes like Estes? (don't laugh, this is a frequently asked question)
A: You've never built an Apogee kit before, have you? I would say you need to concentrate more on your flying skills. If your rockets have to be built like cement blocks, you have a safety problem, and you need to take care of that before you build any rocket.

Apogee's kits are "engineered." That means they are light and strong. They don't need to have thick-walled tubes to be strong. That only adds weight.

Download a free 30-day trial of RockSim today.
Q:Where is the CG located on this kit?
A: You should really be asking where the CP is. The CP is located 40.89 inches back from the tip of the escape tower. Install the RockSim software to find out this information. Every launch day is different, and you should run the simulations yourself to be absolutely sure it will work like you want.

Learn how to select rocket motors
Q:I need help selecting motors. What should I do? Can you teach me how to select them myself?
A: Watch this YouTube video - How to Select Model Rocket Engines

We encourage you to learn the proper motor selection technique. Please watch our YouTube video that will walk you step-by-step through the process

Reviews for the Saturn V - 1/70th Scale
Current Reviews: 1

Random Selected Reviews:

5 of 5 Stars!Matthew Goode -- 09/07/2015
Just finally finished my Saturn V after 7 months of waiting. I still have to fully finish the paint job, but the weather was to nice to pass up on the chance to launch this masterpeice. When it roared off the pad on a aerotech G79W-4 the sight and smoke were amazing. Rocksim predicted about a 500 foot flight for the conditions and motor, it was about spot on!

It was great to watch it separate at ejection first the top half parachute opened. Then the bottom half. It was great to see both half's slowly and safely come back down to earth.

Great kit. The only downside I have with it is the fins... The resin is rather soft. If they move to a stronger resin this kit would be 100% flawless. But as it stands it is 99%.

Thanks Apogee for a great kit and great flight!

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