Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Special Offer - Christmas Window-Cling Decorations

Christmas Decorative Window Clings

We created some special rocketry-related removable window clings to brighten up your holiday decorations. It includes two sheets of pre-cut holiday shapes, like Santa's sleigh pulled by a rocket, an astronaut's helmet with a santa hat, ornaments decorated with rockets, and a stocking filled with rockets!

You'll get these Christmas Window Clings for free when you place an order greater than $30 at the Apogee Components web site between Wednesday, November 25th and 12 midnight on Monday, November 30.

All you have to do is apply this coupon code to your shopping cart at check-out: ChristmasCling2015

Nothing extra to do... We'll add the Christmas window clings to your shipment. Hurry! Supplies are limited. Limit one per order. Not valid with other coupon offers. Exclusive to Apogee Components! Retail value: $5.00

How Rocket Engines Work

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  • What exactly is "composite propellant?" How does it differ from black powder?
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  • Chemical composition of rocket propellants. This report from the National Association of Rocketry gives the stochiometric formula for Black Powder propellant and a "generic" formula for composite propellant. This is useful information if you are a teacher of a chemistry class and you want to do some more in depth work with rockets. Note: The actual formulas for composite propellant are proprietary from the various manufacturers.

    Parts of a rocket engine.



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